New schedule of the Access-pharma group consultations:

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Important notice of the Access-pharma group

accessibility, we open doorsTo serve better the needs of people who work or study during the day and mothers with small kids, the free weekly consultations on the clinical research career opportunities and the ways to get in the field provided every Wednesday in room 601-1 at 6767 Cote-des-neiges have been moved to a later hour – from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

No admission out of these hours. Individual consultations in another day and time are provided on request in our office, where our bookkeepers Mega Services are, at 5253 Decarie blvd., office 308 (and not 5354 as wrongly indicated in some emails). This is the adjacent building to the old Snowdon Theater. Parking places are usually available on the transversal street Isabella.

No admission without appointment, schedule first by email to

Conseils gratuits sur l’Immigration, l’Emploi et les Études – Salon Nouveaux Arrivants de Montréal, 19 septembre

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Le Groupe Access-pharma

Programme Insertion en emploi en recherche clinique

Venez nous voir au Salon Nouveaux Arrivants


salon d'emploiHôtel Bonaventure, Montréal

(metro Bonaventure)

19 Septembre 2015 (samedi)

10:00 – 16:00

Entrée libre

• Renseignements sur le visa Entrée Express
• Les Études au Canada
• Services pour s’établir au Canada
• Des centaines d’offres d’emplois disponibles

Cours d’anglais à temps plein dans la CSEM, jour et soir

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Dernière chance d’apprendre bien l’anglais

CSEM logoLa Commission scolaire English-Montreal (CSEM) organise des cours d’anglais subventionnés à temps plein ($100 manuels inclus) pendant le jour du lundi à vendredi de 8:30 à 12:30, et  le soir de lundi à jeudi de 18:00 à 21:30.

La prestation des cours se fait dans les six Centres d’éducation d’adultes de la CSEM

Les originaux de 3 documents sont requis lors de l’inscription

  1. passeport canadien ou du pays d’origine, et
  2. carte d’assurance maladie non expirée, et
  3. carte de résidence permanente, ou bien
    carte de citoyenneté canadienne , ou bien
    confirmation de résidence, ou bien
    certificat de sélection de Quebec RA/R8 avec permis d’études

Visitez le site de CSEM pour vérifier la dernière date d’inscription de chaque centre (entre 8-10 sept).

« Canada Talks Pharma » – international conference in Montreal, May 2016

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At the end of May 2016 the Montreal chapter of the Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC) will organize an international conference « Canada Talks Pharma » in Montreal in order to promote the clinical research opportunities offered by Canada.

A nice line-up of top caliber speakers confirmed their particiaption, and more are in the process of confirming.  We invite our members if they have any other speakers in mind that fit the type of topics suggested bellow, or if they’d like to see another topic added, to let us know.  Topics already approved are such as « Patient-Centric Clinical Trials », « Technology & Social Media Integration in Clinical Trials », « Privacy & Big Data », « Innovation in Pharmaceutical Development », « International Collaboration in Clinical Trials », etc.

Lastly, if you have any ideas for companies/organizations that you think might benefit as Sponsors and Exhibitors at our conference, please let me know as well.  They will be getting a prime chance to market their services to a wide international audience of Pharma and Biotech decision makers.  We welcome both service providers as well as Big Pharma companies as Sponsors/Exhibitors.

Jobs in pharmacovigilance

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Pharmacovigilance (PV) specialist and PV coordinator needed
There is a position for a Pharmacovigilance coordinator available in Laval. The person applying should be quick to learn databases, very attentive to detail and get along with people. The job contains a lot of clerical duties and that should be also understood.

For that job, the person has to be also quick with computers and to be able to have  »many irons on the fire » simultaneously. Deadlines and compliance are key elements, so the person has to be able to keep up a certain speed and be still very attentive to details and remain polite and professional with colleagues, as everyone is under the same pressure. What matters in the end, is how well the whole team performs, not just one employee. We need to help each other and we get help from each other. We encourage qualified candidate to apply through us.

New office of Access Pharma Group

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New office

The Access Pharma Group where we are a member has a new office on 5253 Decaride blvd, office 308 (the next building to the old Snowdon theater). Admission – on appointment only.

The regular consultations at 6767 Cote-des-neiges, room 601-1 continue as usual every Wednesday from 5:00 pm.

The objective is to share the office with other organizations with similar missions, working for the same clause to facilitate the professional reintegration of highly educated specialists facing career change.

New tool for registration to the Careers days

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The Clinical Research Careers days are organized to inform professionals in career change about the career opportunities in the regulatory affairs field of the pharmaceutical - build it

To register for our monthly Clinical Research Careers days has never been so easy. Just go to and select the number of tickets you need. Pass this info to friends who may be interested.

The next networking events are on Sept. 3, Sept. 30, Nov. 4 and on Dec. 3., 2015. Meet a local recruiter and clinical research specialists with different professions and from 3 different companies to get informed about existing career opportunities. Register now here and bring your CV.

We will highly appreciate if you can share this information with friends, colleagues and other community organizations, who are working also in assisting newcomers and professionals facing career reorientation to integrate faster the local job market.

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