Careers in Clinical Research & in the Clinical Trials industry: Opportunities, Requirements, Salaries & how to get in

16 octobre 2019 § Poster un commentaire

Are you interested to work in the clinical trials industry?
Due to the high interest, we offer again the seminar :

“Careers in Clinical Research & the Clinical Trials industry:
 Opportunities, Requirements, Salaries & how to get in”

October 30, 2019, Wednesday, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
405 Ogilvy Avenue, suite  #101, Montreal, QC, Canada H3N 1M3,
(CRIM building, behind metro Park, free parking under the Provigo)

Limited number of seats available, book now. To register and get a free access pass, send the promo code CRCD to our email

For non-Montreal residents, our mentors offer free consultations by phone at (514)257-3003 and by Skype. Send a Skype invitation to CRA School Montreal
Face-to-face consultations are provided on request only. Please book a time spot by email at least 1 day in advance
If you wish to discuss an appropriate Action plan, suitable to your qualification, email your CV in advance to:

(in cooperation with

The International Clinical Research Academy – Montreal CRA SCHOOL)

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