8-th Clinical Research Careers day in Montreal, Oct 7, 2015, 6:00 PM

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Access-pharma group continues presenting more Clinical research careers and pharmaceutical companies : Learn about the jobs of Scientific Advisor, Medical Liaison Officer, Medical Information Specialist, Pharmacovigilance Specialist, Sr CRA, MD and other top jobs. Meet 3-4 pharmaceutical companies every month.

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Learn directly from the source about existing job opportunities in clinical research and regulatory affairs


8-th Clinical Research Careers day


Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015, 6:00 PM


New venue – CRC le 6767 (in front of the Plaza mall)

6767 ch. de la Cote-des-neiges, room 602, 6-th floor


Monthly career orientation & networking event to help people in career change.
Seasoned professionals from 3-4 pharma companies will speak about their jobs,
how they got into the field, will give recommendations and answer questions.


The career change is an important step. Get informed about the available jobs in RA and clinical resarch. Learn about the careers of the CRA/SrCRA, CRC, CTA, DM, SSU, Medical writer, Pharmacovigilance associate, Safety advisor, Medical monitor, MSL, etc.

Prepare in time for the active hiring period with contacts who know the hidden jobs

Admission: Early birds: $15, at the door: $20. Limited number of places.

Register now at http://access-pharma.com/?p=17341 ! Pay by credit card and save 25%

Pass the info to friends & colleagues. It is time for active networking. Even a speaker got a job offer from another speaker who saw his qualification during the meeting

The VII-th Clinical Research Careers day was a great event : a Safety advisor, a CRA Project manager and a Clinical research scientist from Merck, Algorithme pharma and Clementia Pharmaceuticals generously shared their experience and gave advises to the present professionals in career change till late in the evening.

Jobs in pharmacovigilance

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Pharmacovigilance (PV) specialist and PV coordinator needed
There is a position for a Pharmacovigilance coordinator available in Laval. The person applying should be quick to learn databases, very attentive to detail and get along with people. The job contains a lot of clerical duties and that should be also understood.

For that job, the person has to be also quick with computers and to be able to have  »many irons on the fire » simultaneously. Deadlines and compliance are key elements, so the person has to be able to keep up a certain speed and be still very attentive to details and remain polite and professional with colleagues, as everyone is under the same pressure. What matters in the end, is how well the whole team performs, not just one employee. We need to help each other and we get help from each other. We encourage qualified candidate to apply through us.

New tool for registration to the Careers days

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The Clinical Research Careers days are organized to inform professionals in career change about the career opportunities in the regulatory affairs field of the pharmaceutical industry.network - build it

To register for our monthly Clinical Research Careers days has never been so easy. Just go to http://access-pharma.com/event/7th-clinical-research-careers-day/ and select the number of tickets you need. Pass this info to friends who may be interested.

The next networking events are on Sept. 3, Sept. 30, Nov. 4 and on Dec. 3., 2015. Meet a local recruiter and clinical research specialists with different professions and from 3 different companies to get informed about existing career opportunities. Register now here and bring your CV.

We will highly appreciate if you can share this information with friends, colleagues and other community organizations, who are working also in assisting newcomers and professionals facing career reorientation to integrate faster the local job market.

Cours abordable de Programmateurs en SAS avec stage en Gestion de données

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Cours de Programmateurs en SAS avec stage en Gestion de données (Data Management)

Organisme : Cercle de formation et réseautage communautaire CFRC Information Insertion Integration


Cours de Programmateurs en SAS

La dernière session d’information et inscription du cours Programmation en SAS avec stage en gestion de données est vendredi, 6 février 2015 de 17:00 à 19:00 dans la salle 601-1 au CRC CDN à 6767 ch.Cote-des-neiges, 6-e étage. Apportez votre laptop pour le configurer.

Le cours comprend 50 heures de formation et 40 heures de stage. Pour avoir une idée des opportunités d’emploi et des salaires des programmeurs en SAS, cliquez ici

Le prix régulier est de 800$ par module. Un prix promotionnel non-récurrent 3 fois moindre ($800 pour l’ensemble des 3 modules et le stage pratique) est offert aux premiers 10 candidats inscrits pour le lancement du programme. Des payements différés de 100$ à 2 semaines sont offerts aux personnes sans revenu et aux nouveaux arrivants.

Un rabais additionnel de 15% s’applique pour payement en 1 versement et encore 3% pour payements en comptant. Le nombre de places dans la salle étant limité, il ne reste que quelques places libres.  Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour ne pas manquer cette opportunité unique.

Pour plus de détail svp contactez M.Mamadou Dakouo, directeur du programe à <mamadou.d@cra-school.com> ou directement à (514) 553-1300

Acces Clinical Research Group
Email : contact@access-cro.com
Tel. : (514) 257-3003
Fax: (514) 257-0444

Programme du cours:

Ce cours couvre les plus importants 3 modules d’environ 500 pages chacun et prépare pour l’examen de certification SAS.

—  Module1: SAS Programming 1: Essentials

En  2 semaines : (20 hours). Sur le marché Canadien ce module est offert à $ 2040 pour 3 jours de formation. En ligne avec notre mission nous le proposons à  seulement $800pour2 semainesde formation inclusivement un stage pratique.

Cliquez ici pour vérifier

—  Module2: SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

En  2 semaines : (20 hours). Ce module est offert sur le marché canadien à 2100$ pour 3 jours de formation. Nous le proposons à  800$ pour 2 semaines de formation avec stage.

Cliquez ici pour vérifier

—  Module3: Statistical modeling

En  2 semaines : (20 hours). Ce module est offert sur le marché canadien à 2100$ pour 3 jours de formation. Nous le proposons à  800$ avec pour 2 semaines de formation.

Cliquez ici pour vérifier

Quand : vendredi 6 février 2015

Heure : de 17h00 à 19h01

Contact : Mamadou dakouo

Téléphone du contact : 514-553-1300

Informations supplémentaires (contact) : SAS is a must-have for people targeting jobs in epidemiology, pharmacovigilence, biostatistics and medical writing (protocol design).
Communiquer avec ce contact par courriel

Affordable in-class SAS Programming course

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Finally an affordable SAS Programming non-certification community course with data management practice

The information session et inscription for the in-class course for SAS programming for medical statistics will be held on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at 6767 Cote-des-neiges, room 601-1. This is a must-to-have for people targeting jobs in epidemiology, pharmacovigilence, biostatistics and in medical writing (protocol design)

A special introductory price of $800 payable in monthly installments is offered for this course only. Any of the included courses normally costs 3 time more with all the other providers, but they don’t offer any practical internship, which is included now in this course. Duration: 3 months

For more details please contact Mr Mamadou Dakouo, director of the program to . (Don’t copy-paste the email,  additional spaces have been entered as protection against spam robots).

Please pass the information to friends and interested persons.

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